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Cymera - Camera and Photo Editor is a photo app that you can use to give your photos a fresher, more dynamic look, thanks to the wide variety of filters and lenses that it provides.

Some of the options that you can select before you even take your photo include: seven different types of lenses, a timer so you can join the shot, and an image-stabilizer if you're having trouble getting a clear shot.

Once you've taken your photo, there's even more fun to be had. More than twenty different filters enable you to give your work an artistic touch, not to mention a series of photo-editing elements that allow you to adjust brilliance, improve colors, reduce red-eye, and more.

Cymera - Camera and Photo Editor is a good application that, although it follows the trail blazed by Instagram, actually has better editing and personalization tools. Unfortunately, it doesn't have its own embedded social network, and even though you can still share your photos on Twitter and Facebook, it's not quite the same.
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